Atlantic Pallet Exchange 

Remanufactured Pallets

Remanufactured or “Green” Pallets

In some cases, APE recommends going “green” by having pallets made from completely reclaimed lumber. Rather than throwing away unusable pallets, APE dismantles end-of-life pallets and inventories the component parts. Using pallets made from these parts is environmentally friendly and often cost-effective. Ideal situations for remanufactured pallets include:

  • Odd-sized pallet requirements
  • Unique board spacing requirements
  • One-time (one way) applications
  • Small quantities
  • Environmental awareness

Combo Pallets

combo palletsCombination (Combo) pallets are a hybrid between new and recycled pallets, usually containing new stringers and reclaimed deck boards. Like remanufactured pallets, combo pallets have the advantage of being completely rebuilt pallets, so they can have any board pattern that a customer desires. When viewed from the side, combo pallets look almost like new pallets and make an excellent impression on receiving customers. Ideal situations for combo pallets include:

  • High end-user/customer expectations
  • Heavy loads
  • Unique board spacing requirements
  • One-time (one way) applications




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