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Closed-Loop Pallet Programs

A closed-loop program (CLP) is a special situation where companies and their suppliers or customers have a regular flow of goods moving between them.  In these cases, both shipper and receiver can potentially benefit from re-using the pallets involved. Where storage, manpower, or other logistics issues may dictate, APE can help by acting as a third-party collection and distribution intermediary.

Closed Loop System Pallet Flow

When done correctly a CLP can yield tremendous savings and efficiencies for both entities.  To determine if you might be a good candidate for creating a CLP program with a supplier of customer, consider the questions below:

  • Does your company ship to or receive from key suppliers or customers?
  • Are the pallets custom made or expensive?
  • Is disposal of these pallets expensive or problematic?
  • Is your supplier or customer open to receiving back truckload quantities of reclaimed pallets?

If you think the answer is YES to most of these questions, Atlantic Pallet may be able to help you implement a CLP program of your own.  APE can collect and repair your pallets, sort them by size or grade, and inventory them in our clean and dry warehouse.  When you or your supplier/customer need more of any size, we’ll ship them immediately.  Considerable savings off the price of a new pallet may result. Call us for details and to arrange an on site evaluation of your CLP possibilities.

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