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Scrap Pallet Pick-Up and Removal

Scrap Pallet Pick-Up and RemovalAPE will collect surplus and scrap pallets. Depending on the types, sizes, and grades, some pallets may also have a cash value. In either case, we can help you to avoid the high cost of land filling these unwanted pallets. We can offer:

  • Contractual agreements for regular pick-up of used pallets
  • Spot trailers for you to load at your convenience
  • Environmentally sound disposal since we re-utilize many components of these scrap pallets.

Pallet Repair OutsourcingPallet Repair Outsourcing

When recurring damage to pallets is a problem, outsource your repair operation to APE. An efficient pallet repair program can save you thousands of dollars each year. Our cost per pallet to repair will likely be less expensive than any "in house" repair programs, saving you money, space and management headaches. APE can:

  • Pick-up your pallets, repair them off-site, and then return them to you, or
  • Perform on-site repairs at your facility

Closed-Loop Pallet Programs

A closed-loop program (CLP) is a special situation where companies and their suppliers or customers have a regular flow of goods moving between them. In these cases, both shipper and receiver can potentially benefit from re-using the pallets involved. Where storage, manpower, or other logistics issues may dictate, APE can help by acting as a third-party collection and distribution intermediary.  

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Warehousing and Distribution

Atlantic Pallet has one of the largest warehousing facilities in Southwest Georgia. We can provide warehousing services to companies that wish to have a readily available inventory of pallets, but who may not have sufficient storage or dock space of their own.


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