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Recycled Pallets
  Recycled Pallets
  Recycled Pallets
Pallet recycling saves money and is good for the environment. Customers can save as much as 70% over the cost of a new pallet. Atlantic Pallet stocks a wide variety of reconditioned wood and plastic pallets. The most common size is the GMA 48X40 pallet with 4-way entry, sometimes called a grocery pallet. This pallet is available in six different grades. To see these grades and for more information click here. Please contact us to discuss specifications that will best fit your application.

We also inventory a wide variety of other sizes and grades in our clean and dry indoor warehouses. To see a list of our most common sizes, click here. While our inventory varies, we generally have pallets from 36X36 to 48X48 and most sizes in between in inventory. All of our reconditioned pallets have undergone thorough deck board and stringer repairs, according to the nationally accepted repair standards of the National Wood Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA) of which we are a member.

APE’s wide selection of pallets includes everything from extremely low cost ‘one-way’ pallets up to high grade ‘like-new’ pallets. Low cost one-way pallets are older and have been repaired more, but they are cost effective. ‘Like-new’ pallets are generally new pallets that have been used once and are, literally, almost as good as new.

  • We buy and collect used and surplus pallets from businesses and individuals.
  • Contractual agreements for regular delivery and pick-up of used pallets can be arranged.
  • Drop trailers can be arranged. APE can leave a van or flatbed at your facility for you to draw down good pallets or accumulate surplus pallets as needed. Please contact us for details.

Remanufactured or “Green” Pallets
In some cases, APE recommends going “green” by having pallets made from completely reclaimed lumber. Rather than throwing away unusable pallets, APE dismantles end-of-life pallets and inventories the component parts. Using pallets made from these parts is environmentally friendly and often cost-effective. Ideal situations for remanufactured pallets include:

Remanufactured "Green" Pallets
  • Odd-sized pallet requirements
  • Unique board spacing requirements
  • One-time (one way) applications
  • Small quantities
  • Environmental awareness

Combination (Combo) pallets are a hybrid between new and recycled pallets, usually containing new stringers and reclaimed deck boards. Like remanufactured pallets, combo pallets have the advantage of being completely rebuilt pallets, so they can have any board pattern that a customer desires. When viewed from the side, they look almost like new pallets and make an excellent impression on receiving customers.

Atlantic Pallet can assist you with your dunnage needs for either domestic or international cargo. APE maintains an inventory of lumber components that is suitable for such purposes, either hardwood or pine. Most of this material is reclaimed 2X4 type pieces of various lengths. At times, we also have 3X3 and 3X4 materials available. In addition, through its large network of industry contacts, APE can often locate material that is suitable for your specific applications, either in used or new wood. APE will also heat treat dunnage for international shipments.

Heat Treating Services
With the rise of global trade, the United Nations’ International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) spelled out the specific standard by which all wood products used in international trade would be treated for insects and other pests. The result is ISPM-15 (International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures). Atlantic Pallet can heat treat pallets (new or recycled), containers, or dunnage in accordance with ISPM-15.

Warehousing and Storage Services
In some markets, APE can store customer pallets in our clean and dry warehouses. We can then ship them when needed by the customer. This is useful for just-in-time (JIT) operations or when customer dock and storage space is limited.


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