Atlantic Pallet Exchange 

Warehousing & Distribution

Our Go APE Logistics Division has large warehousing facilities in Southwest Georgia. With convenient road access, we provide warehousing services to companies in various industries including paper products, packaging, and agricultural commodities. Whether your need is for additional storage, product distribution from a centralized location, or value-added packaging & handling services, Go APE can help.

With years of experience serving the agricultural market in Georgia, Alabama and Florida, Go APE understands the need for prompt, reliable, and no-nonsense delivery. This is useful for just-in-time (JIT) operations or when customer dock and storage space is limited. Go APE has its own delivery fleet and staff to meet a diverse set of customer needs.

In addition to warehouse space rental, Go APE offers many managed warehouse services, including:

  • Distribution throughout the Southeast
  • Storage and release – customer-owned inventory released as needed
  • Cross docking
  • Palletization & shrink wrapping
  • Order fulfillment services

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