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Why Use Wood?

APE is dedicated to supporting your pallet and crating needs.
  • Provides customer satisfaction. Make a powerful first impression: ship your product in new wooden crates and containers. When your customer receives your product in a professionally built wooden container, it will convey a level of quality and value like no other. Your customers know they are dealing with professionals from the minute their crate arrives on location and that your company cares about its product.
  • Protects valuable and delicate products. Properly constructed wooden containers provide far greater protection from puncture or crushing than do fiberboard, cardboard and most plastics.
  • Cost savings. As a rigid material, wood packaging is less expensive than plastic or metal.  When the wooden container can be reused, it can pay for itself, and thus become less expensive than disposable fiberboard.
  • Withstands heavy products. Wood has the strength to support and brace extremely heavy or large products, thereby eliminating container collapse or puncture from the inside.
  • Can be re-used. Wood packaging has far more durability than fiberboard, which allows it to be reused many times. When a wooden container is painted, it becomes extremely weatherproof, and its useful life will increase even further.
  • Minimizes engineering time and costs. When a rigid material is required for a packaging application, wood allows for quick and inexpensive prototype design and production set-up. Wooden packaging can just as easily be re-designed, if required, with modifications retrofitted to finished containers. Other rigid materials, such as plastic and metal, are expensive to design, and may not be modifiable.
  • End-of-Life convenience. Wood is much easier to recycle than plastic or metal. With very little additional energy, it can be salvaged as component parts for other pallets, or turned into useful bio-degradable materials like mulch.

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